Artist Statement

This is my former Artist Statement and due to recent life changing events I’ not sure how much of this is true any longer, a new one is in the works and will be coming soon.

I make art so that I don’t go crazy. So I don’t have a homicidal break and end up in a mental institution drugged to dull my senses and counting out mini m&ms in strait little lines. It isn’t simply a desire or a compulsion but more of a need. A need to put my world in order, to exercise supreme power over something, to have a space in my life where I don’t need to worry about the expectations, ridicule, or rules of society.

My art is my own little world where I can be me. I can close the doors to my studio and fall into a state of my own existence separate from the rest of the world. Some days are happy and I find myself making delightful little desserts and tiny food that seem just perfect to be adorned with a cute little dress. Other days I find making cute little fluffy crocheted objects brings such great gratification. It’s some of the other days I find I struggle with. There are days that I need control and order, days where all things must be in a line and devoid of feeling; these days I often find my expression in pen and ink on paper. All these orderly little creatures, sometimes creepy, sometimes whimsical, some times striking. And yet there are other days when painting water filled forest scenes are the only thing that will do; things of tranquility that quiet my soul and calm the noises.

Inspirations come from every corner of my life. Walks in the woods, rocks, funny moments with my daughter, secrets I find I suppress, deep sea creatures, delightful happy pictures of rainbows and ponies on the internet. The world is full of mini items that are truly delightful, little pots I purchased from an artist at a Renaissance festival, tiny worry dolls, a miniature glass menagerie that it cloistered away on a bookshelf, naked cupie dolls, marshmallow breakfast cereal. the delightful things that exist in the world are essentially unlimited.


















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