Artist Statement

My soul is like a Mary Poppins bag of happiness and rainbows, I like to dig deep and spread all of the goodies across my page.

I create art so I can live in a world of happiness. It’s a place that I can escape into, to find joy, smiles, and all of the cuteness. I paint so I can be happy.

I am influenced by 80s icons, rainbow bright, Care Bears, strawberry shortcake, and I like to mix these elements with modern day kawaii images, momoji dolls, And sweet girl faces. I love unicorns, rainbows and stars, all of which show up throughout my work.

I love mixed media, watercolor, acrylic paint, colored pencils, gel pens, black pens, box ballpoint pens, crayons, pastels, the list can go on for days. I love most any material I can get my hands on and I use all of them together.

I’ll leave you with my favorite salutation, Happy Painting!


















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