Daily Strawberry

Inktober 2018

This year for Inktober I completed twenty some drawings and am pleased with the results of daily work and intend on bringing the idea of daily artwork into 2019. Here is a small selection of drawings. I decided to narrow my parameters to keep the daily efforts simple, black ballpoint pen and pink cheeks.



Inktober 2016

This October I am taking a 31 day challenge. This is actually the first challenge like this that I have ever tried. I ordered a blind box from ArtSnacks, and this is what came. Each day I will make one inky page in my inktober Journal, it should definitely expand my ink skills and be something new and fun!

Vitamin Sea with Jane Davenport janedavenport.com

This is a second online class that I am currently taking. with mermaids, mermaids, and more mermaids. The first few pieces really concentrated on watercolor backgrounds and then pastel pencils over top, a challenging but beautiful mixed media technique. Again, as these are done in a class, I feel uncomfortable claiming them completely as my own since I can strongly see Jane’s influence in each piece. This class started as a live class, and for the first few weeks I found I could keep up, but slowly my progress or rather production of pieces and dwindled. I do love that I have life time access to the class, so I can keep going at my own pace while trying to get pieces that are solely my own created at the same time. I will keep posting updates as I go along here.

flourescent-head_april-Gleason_web spotted-mermaid_april-Gleason_webstriped-mermaid_april-Gleason_web 

Month 1 of EverAfter 2016 with Tam at willowing.org

Here are some bits from the first month of a four month class. This has been a wonderful class, each month there are three fairy tales, three different artist, and three different styles of working. We are encouraged to copy the artist’s work step by step, so I can’t call these pieces my own, for they are greatly influenced in varying degrees by the artists from the class, but nor have I been able to copy the pieces as I have been told, I’ve found I needed to add my own spice to each drawing/painting.

red-mermaid_april-Gleason_web star-mermaid_april-Gleason_web snowwhite_april-Gleason_web Beauty-&-beast_april-Gleason_web



blueberry-princess_april-gleason_web Summer 2016 an early attempt at using copic markers to create a skin tone, a bit more practice needed, though I find her to be a cute little sketch!


IMG_1323-COLLAGE I don’t want to be just one thing, I want to be all things. I find that I can’t make just one type of art, I want to paint, draw, stamp. color, sew, crochet, mold. I see all of these fabulous books, like Rainbow Children by Camilla D’Errico, she has this fabulous cohesive body of work. I don’t think anything I will ever do will be just one kind of work, I want to do all things and I love all things. I see threads through out my work, elements of girly cute feminine things, sprinkles, sparkles, stripes, dots, ocean creatures. There is this certain aspect of kitsch to my work. Many of my best things have an element of unsettle to them, like a line monster stretching and falling, a bean with oozing colors, a bear with odd abnormally long legs. I like things that are a little bit odd but entirely delightful.


IMG_1237-COLLAGE  I spent a long evening making these little clay labels for the herbs, I think they came out super cute!

BEAN089 This is a piece I created for the Blick-Pantone contest that I did NOT win.


BEAN090 I am starting a coloring book. I want something that people can color, paint, create that will become a complete piece of work. I want people to be able to take a page out of my book, put some work and love into it and feel like the have a frame-able piece of artwork. When I go to the book stores and dive into all of the “adult” coloring books I find simple things, things that are nice to color inside a book, things to pass time. I want people to buy my book and see the potential to create something great, a piece of art that makes them feel good, feel accomplished, feel like they want to frame it, put it on the wall and stare at it for the next ten years.


Day 1 - Jan 24


Day 1 – January 24th

So I am starting over, one Daily Strawberry a day. I have decided as I always thought might happen, that the word strawberry is simply a euphemism for what ever I ended up making each day. I think I will make an “adult” coloring book, one page a day. I have serious concerns that this is selling out and really I don’t want people to color my babies, maybe I will never sell the book or even have it printed, but I think I will make it anyways.

Day 4 Berries

Day 4

There is so much white around my strawberry. I have a lot to learn about digital media. Also my tiny pig is very demanding; instead of doing good works today, I spent a tone of time hugging piggy!

Day 3 StrawberryDay 3

I am exploring digital media. I’m not sure my endeavors are completely successful but I have to start somewhere. This strawberry was done with my finger in sketchbook pro on my i phone, I think that it’s pretty cool that I will now have drawing tools with me no matter where I go; so long as I don’t forget my phone.


Day 2 Strawberries in a Jar

Day 2

Strawberries in a jar. I think I may need to change the way I display things on my webpage, I am having a hard time making it work and look nice and I feel as though my posting things should be the least of my problems, I need to look into that. On the up side I think my jar of strawberries is really cute and a nice example of mixed media, I used a stamp that I embossed, a micron pen, and artist markers.

Day 1 Strawberry

Day 1

I started with my book today, 365 A Daily Creativity Journal. I drew a strawberry. Maybe tomorrow I will make something larger, something amazing. A strawberry is pretty cool though.


January 10, 2016

Starting today I am going to make one piece of art every day for 365 Days. I am calling this the Daily Strawberry simply because Daily Banana seemed boring. I haven’t the slightest clue if I can going to simply explore one type of art, if I’m going to explore only strawberries, or Narwhals (unicorns of the sea), or pony rainbows, or even cute foods with faces. I just want to make one thing a day for a year and find out where a relentless creative drive takes me.

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